Ola Grimsby

San Diego, CA

Ola Grimsby has received international recognition for his expertise as both a clinician and instructor in orthopedic manual therapy. With an extensive background and education in athletics he focused on physical therapy and graduated from the Norwegian State Physiotherapy School and the Physical Therapy Department of Health in Oslo, Norway. In addition, he completed four years of postgraduate studies in orthopedic manual therapy with the Nordic Special Group for Manual Therapy and the Norwegian Physical Therapy Association.

Dr. Grimsby is a certified manual therapy instructor in the Norwegian National Program. He has served as chairperson for the Nordic Group of Specialists in Manual Therapy and for the Instructors Council in the Norwegian Physical Therapy Association's Section in Manual Therapy. He serves as chairperson for the Specialist Group in Manual Therapy at the Norwegian Physical Therapy Association.

He was Norway's first executive member of IFOMPT and a founding member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy.  Mr. Grimsby is the founder of the OGI International Consortium of Orthopedic Manual Therapy with educational programs and independent study programs worldwide. He founded the first manual therapy journal in Norway and was a member of the Editorial Board at the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy in the US.  He has authored numerous books and articles in several languages. Under his leadership the Ola Grimsby Institute is granted the right to issue clinical doctoral degrees and PhD degrees in orthopedic manual therapy, and APTA accredited residency and fellowship programs throughout the US. In 1991 he received a Certificate of Authorization for Service as the Director of a California Postsecondary Educational Institution under CEC Section 94311. Ola Grimsby has received numerous honorary degrees and awards for his contributions to his profession.


Athletic School, Sønderborg, Denmark 1964 - 65

Norwegian State Physiotherapy School, Oslo, Norway 1967 - 70

Department of Health, P.T. Dept, Oslo, Norway 1970


Studies in Mobilization, Nordic Special Group for Manual Therapy, Oslo, Norway 1970 - 72

Manual Therapy, Norwegian Physical Therapy Association, Oslo, Norway. Includes studies at Norwegian Hospitals with three years of practice under supervision by Specialists in Manual Therapy 1972 - 74


Teacher in Manual Therapy - The Norwegian Professional Group of Manual Therapy, Norwegian Physical Therapy Association 1974 - 75

Instructor in Manual Therapy for the International Seminar School, Europe & Africa 1973 - 76

Principal Instructor for the Institute of Orthopedic Physical Therapy, teaching throughout the U.S.A. 1975 - 76

Instructional courses in Athletic Injuries in the Scandinavian Countries 1972 - 75

Courses in Manual Therapy throughout the world 1975 - 04

Teacher and Clinical Supervisor in the Norwegian three year national program in Manual Therapy 1975 - 91

Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Utah, US 1979 - 83

Program Director in Residency and Fellowship Programs in Orthopedic Manual Therapy located throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa 1991 - present

Consultant, National Association for Manual Therapy, Belgium 1993 - 98

Consultant, Program in Manual Therapy, Switzerland 1992- 04

Professor of Record, Azusa Pacific University, Orthopedic Curriculum, Azusa, CA1997 – 2001


Consultant in Ergonomics, Teacher in Industrial Safety, Falconbridge Nikkelverk, Kristiansand, Norway 1973 - 75

Director, Institute of Physical Therapy, Kristiansand, Norway 1973 - 75

Director, Sørlandets Fysikalske Institute, Vågsbygd, Norway 1977 - 89

Consultant and Instructor, Vest-Agder Podiatry School 1978 - 79

Member of the Editorial Board, The Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, U.S. 1978 - 86

Chairman of the Council of Teachers in Manual Therapy, Norwegian Physical Therapy Association 1979 - 80

Executive Member of the Board, Nordic Group of Specialists in Manual Therapy 1979 - 83

Chairman of the Council of Teachers in Manual Therapy, Nordic Group of Specialists in Manual Therapy 1979 - 86

Adjunct Professor, University of Utah, U.S.A. 1980 - 83

Executive Member of the Board at the Norwegian Association for Private Practitioners in Physical Therapy 1983 - 84

Director, Sørlandets Fysikalske Institute, Kristiansand, Norway 1981- 1989

Chairman of the Nordic Group of Specialists in Manual Therapy 1983 - 85

Member of the Editorial Board, The Journal of Manual Therapy, Norway 1983 - 86

Director Sørlandets Fysikalske Institute, Sandy Utah 1983 - 93

Director, 1 1/2 year Clinical competency Programs in Manual Therapy, U.S.A. 1984 - 1989

Director, Sørlandets Fysikalske Institute, Everett, Washington 1986 - 1989

Director, two year Clinical Competency Programs in Manual Therapy, U.S.A. 1989 - 04

President, Ola Grimsby Institute, Inc.1990 – 94

Chairman of the Board, Ola Grimsby Institute 1994 - present

Member of the Editorial Board: Scientific Physical Therapy 1991 - present

Program Director, Masters Degree Programs in Orthopedic Manual Therapy, San Diego, CA – Los Angeles, CA – Upland, CA -  Salt Lake City, UT – Albuquerque, NM • Nashville, TN – Birmingham, AL – Dallas, TX – Seattle, WA • Chicago, IL – Minneapolis, MN – Phoenix, AZ – Las Vegas, NV • Denver, CO –  Spokane, WA 1991 - 96

Program Director, Dissertation Program with four years post-graduate education. San Diego, CA. 1992- 03

Program Director, Doctoral Degree Programs in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (DPT), San Diego, CA – Chicago, IL – Seattle, WA, Ft. Lauderdale, FL – New Orleans, LA – Anchorage, AK – St. Louis, MS1996 – present

Program Director, Doctoral Degree programs in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (DMT), San Diego, CA – Anchorage, AK1996 – present

Program Director, World’s first Ph.D. in Manual Therapy 2007 – present

Program Director, APTA-Credentialed Residency programs throughout the US2007 – present

Program Director, APTA-Credentialed Fellowship programs throughout the US2006 – present


Member of the Norwegian State Physiotherapy School Board, Student Representative1968 - 69

Physical Therapist, Norwegian National Speed Skating Team 1970

Physical Therapist, Norwegian National Handball Team 1975

Executive Member, Representing Norway at the International Federation of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (IFOMT)1975 - 78

Treasurer, American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists 1992 - 95

Consultant, Belgium Association for Manual Therapy 1993 - 96

Consultant, Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, Switzerland 1993 - 04

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ola Grimsby Institute, Increase.  International Consortium 1994 - present

Who's Who Among Outstanding Americans 1994

International Who's Who Among Professionals 1995

Docent - University of Gent,  Belgium 1996 - 98

Member, Advisory Board, MOTION DNA, Phoenix, AZ2004 - 2005

Consultant, JZZ Technologies, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona2008 –2010

Director, Physical Therapy Associates, Louisiana 2011 - present

Chairman of the Board. The International Accrediting Commission for Physical Therapy Residencies. 2012 – present

Board of Directors, International Multi-disciplinary Association of Manual Medicine 2012 - present

Director, Ola Grimsby Institute - Europe2013 - present

Director, International Accrediting Commission for Post-Professional Programs  2014


Series of Basic and Advanced 1 to 9 days courses in Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Manual Therapy in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Africa, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, South Korea, Italy, Mexico, and throughout the United States and Canada. 1974 – present

Presentations at local and state chapters, national, international organizations and world conferences in exercises, manual therapy, orthopedic medicine, radiology, biomechanics, sports medicine and spinal care. 1973 – present

IFOMPT Conference in Cape Town 2004

IFOMPT Conference in Rotterdam 2008

IFOMPT Conference in Quebec 2012

International Spine Conference in Rome 2008

International Spine Conference in Parma 2010

Manipulation course in Venice 2011

Knee course in Parma 2012

Knee course in Varese 2013

Manipulation course in San Diego 2014

Basic Sciences Course in Oslo 2014

Annual OGI Competency Forums 1991- 2014

APTA CSM programs 1991 - 2013


Member of the Norske Fysioterapeuters Forbund 1971

Member of Det Norske Fysioterapiforbunds Faggruppe i Manuell Terapi 1972

Member of Nordisk Spesialgruppe for Manuall Terapi 1973

Honorary Member of the Finish Manual Therapy Association 1983

Member of the American Physical Therapy Association 1991

Honorary Lifelong Membership as Founding Member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Therapy 2001

Honorary Doctoral Degree in Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Competency Forum, San Diego2007


Fundamentals of Manual Therapy 1978

Manual Therapy of the Extremities 1978

Manual Therapy of the Spine 1978

Advanced Lumbar and Thoracic Manual Therapy 1985

Advanced Cervical Manual Therapy 1985

Technique Manual: Lumbar and Thoracic Spine 1985

Technique Manual: Cervical Spine and T.M.J.1985

Manipulation of the Spine 1988

Basic Sciences in Manual Therapy 1993

Scientific - Therapeutic - Exercise - Progressions 1994

Clinical & Scientific Rationale for Modern Manual Therapy 1994

Clinical Problem Solving in Manual Therapy 2000

STEP-Scientific-Therapeutic Exercise Progressions: Ein wissenshaftlich fundierter Zugang zu therapeütischen Übungen. Manuelle Therapie, 4-2000, Georg Thieme, Germany2000

Methode zur Messung, Bestätigung und Lokalisierung von Gelenkdysfunctionen und ihren Auswirkungen auf den Knorpel, Grimsby. Manuelle Terapie, MT-70, Germany.2011

Science, Theory and Clinical Application in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy,  Applied Science and Theory, Volume I, Grimsby, Rivard 2008

Science, Theory and Clinical Applications in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, S.T.E.P. Neck and Upper Extremity, Volume II, Rivard, Grimsby 2008

Science, Theory and Clinical Applications in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, S.T.E.P. Lumbar and Lower Extremity, Volume III, Rivard, Grimsby, 2009

Numerous chapters in books and articles in national and international publications in several languages.1978 - present

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