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Certification in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy

The COMT program is for clinicians who wish to significantly enhance their manual therapy skills for soft tissue work, joint mobilization and joint manipulation, along with evidenced-based critical decision making to improve their clinical practice. Learn how manual therapy hands on interventions will reduce patient symptoms and impairments getting your patients moving fast. The uniqueness of the the Ola Grimsby Institute's Certification in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) program lies in the combination of the advanced, hands-on training, and the dedication our instructors to your success and the health of your patients. Courses are a 60/40 lab versus lecture format. The MT1 course is more heavily weighted as lecture for fundamental sciences in manual therapy, but can be completed as a home study course.

Certification Requirements

Complete all 6 courses, including online quizzes following the courses, along with a review and examination weekend. Courses can be taken in any order and completed over a 3 year period. In-class hours 96, out of class study/practice 214 hours, testing weekend hours 12 hours.

•    MT1: Clinical & Scientific Rationale For Modern Manual Therapy (Seminar or home study)
•    MT2: Manual Therapy of the Cervical Spine and Upper Extremity
•    MT3: Manual Therapy of the Lumbar Spine, Pelvis, and Lower Extremity
•    MT6: Introduction to Spinal Manipulation
•    MT7: Advanced Soft Tissue
•    MT8: Manipulation of the Extremities
•    Seventh weekend: Review, written exam and Practical Exam Weekend

2 Options for the COMT

1) Locally Hosted: for groups of students that want to locally host the courses through their clinic. Consider hosting the COMT program and let us come to you. For group locations, 6 courses, as well as the examination weekend, may be offered in the same city over a 12-month period. More than 10 students, pre-registered for the COMT in the same city are required to schedule the entire course series in the same city in one year. Please contact us if you are interested hosting a local 1-year COMT program for your company and/or your city, or simply fill out the Host a Course form and return to office at

2) Flex plan: Students can complete all required seminars in any order, in any city, over a 1 to 3-year period.

Examination: Registration for the combined review and examination weekend can take place after all 6 courses are completed. Testing no later than in the 3rd year after starting the program. Should the student fail the either the written or practical examinations, they can retest at the next opportunity.

Certification Registration

Download an Enrollment Agreement and email in at Students that enroll in the COMT certification after completing 1 or more manual therapy courses are still required to go back and complete the online quiz portion of the program.

Credentials: This program is open to credentials of PT, DO, MD

Prerequisites: None. A candidate for the COMT must be a licensed physical therapist, with a genuine motivation for optimal patient care.

Download the Student Catalog for more information on the OGI and programs offered.


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