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Bundle your courses and earn a Certification. The Ola Grimsby Institute is proud to offer these exceptional Orthopedic Manual Therapy and STEP programs. Manual Therapy is not a passive intervention, but includes hands-on techniques, specific exercise dosage, patient education and self care strategies. These evidence-based programs are a great foundation to build your clinical skills in soft tissue work, joint mobilization and initial skills in spinal manipulation. The STEP curriculum develops your skills in exercise dosage, design and progression.

Course can be taken in any order, as well as completed over a 3-year period. All certifications require an additional review and examination weekend.

Download: OGI Course catalog

The certification in Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Progressions (STEP) takes you through the entire body, with advanced coursework in the spine, extremities, pelvic floor, TMJ and ocular systems. Go beyond learning simple exercises and dive deep into the clinical integration of the histology of tissue repair, motor control, work physiology, teaching exercise and designing patient specific programs. Download your STEP Certification enrollment agreement today!

The Ola Grimsby Institute provides an exceptional series of manual therapy courses. Combining these courses for a Certification in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) is a great foundation to build your clinical skills in soft tissue work, joint mobilization and spinal manipulation.  If you are not ready to start an Orthopedic Residency, this program will launch your clinical skills and can even provide future credit toward a transitional Residency program. Download your Manual Therapy Certification (COMT) enrollment agreement today!

Rehabilitation of the injured athlete presents unique challenges and opportunities for creativity for the physiotherapist. This course will provide a foundation to address the athletic population from the perspective of utilizing modern manual therapy principles, Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Progression (STEP), and advanced biomechanical and movement pattern analysis and treatment.


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